Feast of St. Roch 2014

The Trail Dawgs Holy Day of Obligation Cometh...

The Feast of St. Roch!

Mark your calendars. Saturday July 12. Fair Hill.

The faithful shall congregate at 9 am at the South Appleton Parking Lot (Parking Lot #5, 1987 Appleton Road). Come assemble in the woods, eat, and run in honor of Our Patron Saint of Dogs, Knee Injuries, and Poison Ivy Rashes. An idol of the saint will be available for veneration.

Totally informal social event. It's not a race. No registration, marked route, or recorded times for the totally optional fun-run. We could call it a club picnic but we're not a club.

Watermelon, shared snacks, and full-immersion baptism included, with a suggested 13 mile tour of the park's color trails: Yellow Eastside -> Green Eastside -> Blue Loop -> Green Northside -> Orange Counter-Clockwise -> Baptismal Station -> Green Westside -> Yellow Westside. If you want to run, print and bring this map + turn sheet.

A few more details at the St Roch FAQ page here.