St. Roch Info and FAQ

It's time to prepare for that holiest of TrailDawg Holy Days of Obligation: The Feast of St. Roch!

The Date: Saturday, July 27, 2019.

Assembly time & place: 8 am, Fair Hill NRMA Lot #5, 2000 Appleton Rd, Elkton, MD 21921

Distances: 15, 10, and 5 mile options

St. Roch is Patron Saint of Dawgs, Knee Injuries, and Poison Ivy Rashes and, as such, a fitting patron for this trail run.


The Saint

The "Course"
  • Free race on a ribbon-marked trail course. This is a fun run, not a race or real event, but we are keeping real times, so run fast.
  • You will get wet, you will get lost and probably shed a few tears. Think of St. Roch's sufffering and suck it up, buttercup. 

Aid Stations
  • Bring enough hydration for your chosen mileage on a hot day.
  • Bring a few gels or snacks if you need to eat while you run.
  • We will have a stash of bottled water and snacks at around the halfway point for anyone who is feeling faint or has the vapors.

The Picnic
  • We will supply watermelon and have a few ice chests at the assembly area (in the shade in the woods).
  • Please feel free to bring a snackie (baked goods, fruits, or junk) or drinkie (soda pop) to share with your trail-running pals. No booze, please.
  • Bring a camp chair or something to sit on if you plan to hang around to swap tales and brag.

Brought to you by RD Wayne Heffelfinger, a guy so swell that the Trail Dawgs and Trail Squirrels fight over his affections.

And, hey, if you are one of those race listing websites, don't list this -- it's a picnic!