St. Roch Info and FAQ

It's time to prepare for that holiest of TrailDawg Holy Days of Obligation: The Feast of St. Roch!

The Date: Sunday, July 13, 2013.

TrailDawg Angus has been ordained as the new RD for this Fair Hill favorite, taking over for Florida migrant Phat Phil, and will be getting arrangements in place when he derned well has time.

The faithful are assured that Full Immersion Baptism (creek crossing) and cliff scrambling will again be featured as part of the celebration.

St. Roch is Patron Saint of Dawgs, Knee Injuries, and Poison Ivy Rashes and, as such, a fitting patron for this trail run.

IMPORTANT INFO and Answers to some FAQ's

The Course

  • The course will be similar to year's past, with a few exceptions. It will stay predominantly on the parks blazed trails and thus, will not require heavy marking like year's past. 
  • I would describe the course as fast, but hilly. About 30% is on jeep trails with the remaining on single track. There are plenty of hills, rocks and other obstacles to keep it interesting. 
  • Since the race is in July, heat will be an additional stressor. Please prepare accordingly and ensure you have containers to carry your fluids. 
  • You will get wet, you will get lost and probably shed a few tears. It's all part of the deal. 

AID Stations

  • There will be two aid stations; one located at mile 5 and one at mile 11. Folks running the 10K++ option will only have access to one. There will be water and snacks at the Start/Finish as well. Please feel free to bring something and we will do our best to get it to the aid station of your choice. 
  • Aid stations will have water, sports drink and snacks. 
  • Aid stations WILL NOT have cups; thus, you are required to have at least one water bottle, two is recommended. A hydration pack is fine.
  • Some gels will be provided at aid stations. Discard your used gel packs in the trash containers at the aid station; or even better - take them out of the park yourself. DO NOT DISCARD ON THE TRAIL. We love our trails and keeping them clean is important to us. If you see a gel pack on the trail, please pick it up - accidents happen. 

Course Markings

  • This course will be minimally, but well marked. Thus, it is strongly encouraged that you prepare accordingly. While the course will be minimally marked, it follows many of the main trails in the park system. Any areas that are not on main trails will be marked with pink ribbons and spray chalk.  Ambiguous areas of the main trails will be marked with ribbon as well. Please download and examine the map. If you are not into maps, then I would suggest you find someone who looks smart and follow them. I would strongly discourage following anyone with an authentic baby blue traildawg's singlet. I have been burned too many times. I have also burned too many people. 
  • If you get lost, it is your own fault. The trail will be perfectly marked, so no crying please (Road runners please take note of this bullet).  


  • "Will my feet get wet, I have foot sensitivity issues with respect to blisters?" 
Yes, your feet will get wet. There are two creek crossings that will get more than just your feet wet. 
  • "How deep are the creek crossings and do I need to know how to swim?"
The first creek crossing - about mile 4 - will only be waist high. The second creek crossing will be at mile 15 and will contain a 4 foot section that is over 6 feet deep. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you leave the ipods and other electronic devices at home. They tend not to like water. If you are averse to deep water, you may find your way across the creek at another location. It is up to you to find your way back on trail. 
  • "Will the results be posted on the ultrasignup list? I really like to see my name on the internets." 
Nope - this is a run for folks who enjoy running with people who enjoy running. We will likely upload a finishers list to the website. But that's where it ends. 
  • "Some say that the Traildawgs don't allow arm panties, calf panties, vibrams or chia seeds at their races; is this true?"
That's absurd. We love people who wear arm panties. Especially, when worn for protection from the 'dangerous' UV rays. They may come in handy as a bathroom device as well... especially when noshing on seeds of chia. So go ahead and wear them proudly. And those vibrams too.  
  • "Will this course be certified? And what kind of awards can I expect?"
This course is sanctioned and certified by the Traildawg's sanctioning committee. We'll allow you to take a Fair Hill rock home if you like. Nothing says St. Roch like a Fair Hill Rock. You will have to fish one out of the creek as well. 
  • "I am an insanely fast runner; can I expect a bicycle escort so I don't get lost?"
No comment.

Please keep the questions coming; if I find it worthy enough to post, I will do so. Send to