St. Roch Info and FAQ

It's time to prepare for that holiest of TrailDawg Holy Days of Obligation: The Feast of St. Roch!

The Date: Saturday, July 22, 2017.

Assembly time & place: 8 am, Fair Hill NRMA Lot #5, 2000 Appleton Rd, Elkton, MD 21921

St. Roch is Patron Saint of Dawgs, Knee Injuries, and Poison Ivy Rashes and, as such, a fitting patron for this trail run.


The Saint

The "Course"
  • Free race on a ribbon-marked trail course. This is a fun run, not a race or real event, but we are keeping real times, so run fast.
  • You will get wet, you will get lost and probably shed a few tears. Think of St. Roch's sufffering and suck it up, buttercup. 

Aid Stations
  • Bring enough hydration for 13 miles on a hot day.
  • Bring a few gels or snacks if you need to eat while you run.
  • We will have a stash of bottled water and snacks at around the halfway point for anyone who is feeling faint or has the vapors.

The Picnic

  • We will supply watermelon and have a few ice chests at the assembly area (in the shade in the woods).
  • Please feel free to bring a snackie (baked goods, fruits, or junk) or drinkie (soda pop) to share with your trail-running pals. No booze, please.
  • Bring a camp chair or something to sit on if you plan to hang around to swap tales and brag.

Hey, if you are one of those race listing websites, don't list this -- it's a picnic!