2013 MDSD Test Run Announced

Why? possible presence of hunters on Saturday

RD Hunt Bartine has announced the inaugural run of another little bit of TrailDawg lunacy: The Mason Dixon Shortest Day 50K Challenge.

This do-it-yourself concept run will take place on SUNDAY December 23, 2012 on the west bank of the Susquehanna River south of Wrightville, PA, using the northern half of the Mason Dixon Longest Day 100K Challenge route. It will not likely be the easiest 50K you've run.

This is just an idea and not an event. Runners are totally on their own. There will be no aid, nobody at the start or finish, no organizers anywhere along the trail. The TrailDawgs are only suggesting this idea, providing links to maps here, and will publish your completion time on the web site. Don't ask for anything else. Runners are asked to record their own times and email them RD Hunt Bartine (Hbartine@yahoo.com) to develop a baseline for perhaps future more organized MDSDs.

Any normal person would be in their warm home getting ready for the holidays with loved ones. If you are considering this run, you should ask yourself "What in the heck's wrong with me?" and then visit the >> MDSD Web Page << for map links and other info.