Stumpy's 2013!

The leg-liftin’, butt-sniffin’ TrailDawgs proudly present

Stumpy's XII

Our 12th annual 26.2 mile run for pack supremacy

Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 9 am
Newark, DE

Stumpy breaks with tradition and sets a NEW start time! 9 AM

Registration is free, simply choose from the following portals to access the sign-up site:

1. If you look forward to reading Stumpy's smart aleck commentary on his birthday party race when you register, then check out his full "poop sheet" at this link: 

2.  Or, skip the poop sheet, declare yourself a liberal, and go directly to this registration link:

3.  Or, skip the poop sheet, declare yourself a conservative, and go directly to this registration link:

4. Or, finally, you can be really boring and just go to this link directly to register:

Stumpy's Marathon... because we can!