Mason Dixon Longest Day planning

The Mason Dixon Longest Day 100k Challenge will be held again for 2012, this year on Saturday June 23.

This is a low key self supported running celebration and picnic. To maintain that spirit, it is limited to 25 adventurers.

This year, in addition to options on before official daylight starts, there is a fully self supported category, "The Jeremiah Dixon 5000 Chain Traverse," for the truly hardcore trail individualists, in addition to "The Charles Mason Celestial Passage" where a runner may have crew, pacers, and other assistance to help them enjoy the day.

Either way this is a real challenge and a target to start and finish in official daylight is daunting. To date since 2006 only a few dozen have completed the full distance and a handful have completed in official daylight.

To keep track of the adventure minded types who will be doing this we are maintaining a list on that will be activated at 9:01 AM on Feb 1.

For more information go to and the link under Events for MDLD in June or the direct link to the MDLD picnic page: