All the Dawgie Dirt

Saturday, January 4, 2014 at 9 am
Fair Hill Natural Resource Area
Start/Finish at The Tea Barn
Just off Telegraph Road, Elkton, MD

Oh No! Those slobberin' TrailDawgs are puttin' on another Dead-of-Winter 50K PHUNT Run.

Race Director: Jason "The Spark" Sparklin
Course Director: Carl "Blue Suede" Perkins

Click here for first stab at a map

If you're the sort of person who will truly enjoy a frigid foolish 31+ mile nature jaunt, come on our for an unofficial, unsanctioned, unapproved trail run at Maryland's Fair Hill Natural Management Area. Standard Fat-Ass format: No Fee, No Frills, No Wimps, No Whining! Orientation at 8:45 AM, race start at 9:00. The course is a one-loop 50K this year -- and 50K is the only option.

We'll be running mostly on hilly single-track trail with a few tiny babbling brooks to cross, and just a teensy bit of rocky stuff to satisfy the trail-running purist. We haven't precisely measured the distance, but it's 90.375% trail with something like 3,447.75 feet of aggregate vertical climb and has some super views! This run is meant for experienced trail runners, but anyone with marathon experience who wants to try an ultra and promises not to whine if they get tired and dirty is welcome. You should be able to finish the 49.876 kilometer course in no more than 7-1/2 hours to be done before dark.

Donations to defray our costs will be graciously accepted, with leftover monies donated to the Pack and park -- thanks to those of you that have already donated! The course will be marked by tape, flags, spray chalk or some creative combination of the three. We will have deee-lux snack/water refill stations. We would be most grateful to any participants who bring a snack item for the self-serve aid stations or the post race feed. And of course, the boys (Jason and Carl) have arranged to run the festivities in the slightly less exposed, protected shelter of Fair Hill's Tea Barn.

Awards? Don't count on it so you'll be surprised if we have them. We are planning to have post-race hot dogs, soup and other stuff at the finish.


Two are planned, no date yet -- watch the TrailDawgs list

Funrunium Novum (XII mille)
Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 8 am
Middle Run Natural Area, Newark, DE
via 555 Papermill Road, Newark, DE

Nullus pecunia, nullus queritor, nullus wimpus!

In the spirit of Feronia, Etruscan goddess of the harvest, the Dawgs held our annual fall frolic among the trees, rolling hills, fields, and streams of Middle Run Natural Area. It was a 12,000 pace jaunt (= 12 mille or Roman miles so 17-18K) along marked people trails, animal trails, and non-trails with enough water, hills, and shiggy to keep it interesting. Incredible fall weather and foliage -- and hot soup at the end. Disorganization by Pete McLaughlin and Carl Perkins. Thanks to the couple dozen of you who came out!

Phil's Phinal Phall Phrolic 20K

Saturday, October 1 at 8 am
Fair Hill Natural Resource Area
Lot 1, off Rte 273 on north heading west from Highs store
4600 Telegraph Rd, Elkton, MD

A great morning to honor our friend Phil for all of his work in organizing so many fun races at Fair Hill -- always with a playful approach to course design. We'll miss you, Grandawgy!

The PHUNT Brothers!

Stumpy's Marathon
Sunday, September 11, 2011 at 7 am
Middle Run Natural Area and surrounding areas, Newark, DE

The one and only world famous TrailDawg marathon hosted by the one and only world famous Stumpy! This year was Stumpy's X-treme, our 10th annual 26.2 mile run for pack supremacy.

And, the Supreme Speedy Dawg for 2011: Angus Repper!

Terri Lee's collector's edition race poster!

TrailDawgs set New Marathon Record!

TrailDawgs Dave R, Billy O, and Eric B have set a course record in the inaugural "Original 13 Colonies Marathon

These droolin' Dawgs managed to run 2 miles in each of the 13 original colonies in under 24 hours on July 30, 2011, setting a course record for this hare-brained idea with a (corn) chip time of 23 hours and 37 minutes. Yep, that means they drove from New Hampshire to Georgia, ran their paws off in each state, and squeezed in some time to drink their favorite refreshing beverages.

Congratulations! The entertaining race report is here.

Important Safety Note: Do NOT attempt this at home. There was a designated driver who partook of other beverages instead of the barley sodas favored by our three, aforementioned athletic thoroughbreds.