Impaired Judgment 8-Hour Loop Training Run 2017

Here are the loop counts for the demented runners who came out for the 2017 edition of the Impaired Judgment 8-Hour Loop Training Run. Please email Pete ( with any corrections or updates or fabrications.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and made this a fun day!

Impaired Judgment 8-Hour Loop Training Run 2017
Date: September 3, 2017, from 8 am to 4 pm (with a few "special dispensations")
Location: Judge Morris Estate area of White Clay Creek State Park, Newark, DE

Loop length: 3.1 miles
Bill Tryon (aka Phil Tyrone), Avondale, PA: 13 loops with about 10 minutes to spare
Eddie Pantoja, Avondale, PA: 13 loops with only seconds to spare - plus 25 miles bicycling
Henry Peck: 10-1/3 loops and Champion Orange Soda Drinker
Laurie and Bill Hess: 8 loops
Pete McLaughlin: 8 loops
Rachel Rosenblatt: 7 loops
Stacy Bradley: 7 loops
Tacy Powers: 6-1/2 loops
Hunt Bartine: 5 loops
Gerard Prilutski: 5 loops
Alberto Vazquez: 4 loops
Stewart Dotts: 4 loops
Kathi Markley: 4 loops
John Markley: 4 loops
Jaime Tomlinson: 3 loops
Mark Neimeister: 3 loops
Morgan The Wonderdog: 3 loops
Karen Sam: 2-2/3 loops
Matthew Sam: 2 loops
Cody Sam, Dog of Many Names: 2 loops
Tim Gorzinski: 2 loops + special guest apperance
Kenny Dusseau: 2 loops
Lucas Dusseau: 2 loops
Alex Dusseau: 2 loops
Bruce Cox: 2 loops (and a few hallucinations?)
Kevin Dempsey: ?
Carl Perkins: ?
Ryan Goverts: ?
Gary Bowman: 4 loops?
Mandy Pierce: 4 loops?

more to be added here as results are reported