Stumpy's Marathon 2016


It's that time again! Another TrailDawgs' Holy Day of Obligation. Stumpy's Marathon.

The Royal Stumpmeister is starting his Birthday Fun Run and the big day is September 11, 2016. Stumpy was born on some date within a week or so of September 11 so why not celebrate his birthday by 5 or 6 hours of pain, right? The 8 a.m. start will be at Middle Run Natural Area parking lot. So, where is this hidden gem of a starting spot? From Google Maps, you can find it at approximately:

140 Possum Hollow Rd
Newark, DE 19711
39.714763, -75.730920

Or, for the verbal types, from the intersection of Paper Mill and Possum Park Roads, about 150 yards south on Possum Park you get on the small Possum Hollow Road (brown road signs for TriState Bird rescue) and follow it to just before the bird rescue gate, where there is a small dirt lane on the left with a sign that says something like "Middle Run.” Follow the dirt lane as far in as you can in order to grab a parking space.

As this is a very informal event and only timed by Stumpy's old Timex, the aid stations and the Finish area will be started to clean up by 3 p.m. because we are unsure if his Timex can keep a charge longer than 7 hours. You all can keep running if you wish but you are on your own!

The course

This year's Stumpy's Marathon course will give you the usual rocks, roots, dirt, and hills, but we apologize for the likely shortage of mud.

The trail markings will be very simple and sparse, consisting of haphazardly laid patches/spots. blobs of flour on the right side of the trail. Please note this to keep you oriented: COURSE MARKINGS WILL ALWAYS BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE TRAIL. Except when sometimes they are not. A pair of (two) blobs will be used to mark a turn.

A map you may ask? Have a look here: >>>  <<<

Aid stations

Stumpy is a man who does not ask for much when he runs. He has been known to finish a 50 miler consuming nothing but the dew off of leaves and wild berries.

However, recognizing that some of you runners need more luxury, even at a free race, we will provide a few aid stations, around every 5 miles. BUT -- runners are advised to have the minimum of hydration they need to be able to support themselves -- this isn't like one of those “fancy” paid races. So, this means you need to BRING REFILLABLE HYDRATION, like a hydration pack or water bottles.

The current plan is for aid at these points:
1. Start/Finish: Runner will pass through at 4.75 miles
2. Pleasant Valley Road (north side trail junction, water drop only, unmanned): 9.6 miles (4.85 section)
3. Lot 1: 15.2 miles (5.6 section)
4. Bridge near PA Ranger Station: 19.65 miles (4.45 section)
5. Pleasant Valley Road (north side trail junction, water drop only, unmanned): 22.6 miles (2.95 section, then 3.6 miles to finish)

Food and Drink Requests

And last but not least, friends, WE NEED GOODIES! We would be sincerely grateful to any of you who will bring along snacks and/or drinks to share. If there is something you like to eat or drink at a trail race, bring it along because we like sharing!

If you have questions, please email the co-RD (good luck finding an email address). We look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Prepared by:

Tacy Powers
Stumpy's Race Communication Correspondent Extraordinaire & Co-RD

Cost: Zero Dollars!