Hey You! Yes You! Register for Stumpy's Marathon!

Register Here!


And now, a word from your Race Director:

"Greetings to all Stumpy's participants.  As some of you probably already realize, there was a busted link in the registration process that took you to Stumpy's - 2013 where you were informed that registration was closed.
You are receiving this e-mail, which means that you are among the most gifted of registrants who were able to overcome that difficulty.  Unfortunately, some...perhaps many of your less resilient trail runners have not been able to register and simply gave up.

Although current registrations are approaching 100, I nevertheless feel bad that my mistake and their shallow gene pool may be preventing folks from participating in this annual frolic.  You can help.

Please forward to your duller friends the news that Stumpy's is still open for registration and that the broken link has been fixed.  Probably.  It was when I tried it.

They can go to TrailDawgs.org (http://www.traildawgs.org/ ) or they can use this link:  http://dottschemistry.wikispaces.com/Stumpys2014 .  Just forward this e-mail.

Thanks for your help.  Stay tuned for Stumpy's updates as I slowly remember how to organize this event.  Time to start training for Stumpy's Marathon!"