Trail Dawgs Day July 20th on the Tri-State Trail

Trail Dawgs Day July 20th on the Tri-State Trail

A new trail is under construction to provide year-round access to the Mason-Dixon marker at the corner of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. On Sunday, July 20th, we are organizing a “Trail Dawgs Day”. You are invited to run the trail, help work on it, or for the truly hardy, do both.

Meet at the Parking Lot adjacent to the PA Ranger Station on London Tract Road in time for an 8 AM start. Runners will proceed South on the Mason Dixon Line, follow the right-hand fork at the Delaware border, and turn right onto the unmarked trail just before the Nature Center. This trail is used in the Triple Crown so it will be familiar to many of you. Follow this trail to Arc Corner Road. Turn left on Arc Corner Road (toward Hopkins Road) and follow signs to the Tri-State Marker trailhead.

The new trail is not finished and there is a detour onto the older trail at about 0.5 miles. The old trail is not marked so once you’re on it you will need to keep your eyes open.  At about 1 mile there is a new section of trail which will take you to the Tri-State Marker.  You will meet up with the work party somewhere along the trail where there will be water and Gatorade.  Otherwise, just turn around and go back the way you came. Round trip from the PA Preserve Office is approximately 8 miles.

Please note that this is not a race: there will be no trail markings, timers, or aid stations. Just think of it as regular Sunday workout, albeit on unfamiliar terrain. Note also that the new trail is still under construction and won’t be available for use prior to July 20th.

Those who don’t wish to run can carpool with me from the PA lot to the worksite. The site where we will probably be working is accessed via a farm road across from Carolyn’s restaurant on Rte. 896.  The alternate work site is at the trailhead on Arc Corner Road. For either site, a high clearance vehicle is needed and four wheel drive is advised. Trail work will start at 9 AM and end by noon.

If you expect to work, please contact Wendel Cassel at  so he has a head count. Wendel will also explain how to register as a Park volunteer with the State of Pennsylvania. It’s required for activities that involve youth groups such as the Scouts.

Don’t forget to bring water and some protection from insects and the sun. A set of dry clothes is also advisable in the likely event of an after-party at some local eatery.
Hope to see you there.