2014 Mason-Dixon Longest Day Results

The 2014 Mason-Dixon Longest Day run was held June 21, 2014. This annual trail challenge tackles 100 km of the very rugged Mason-Dixon Trail between Havre de Grace, MD and Long Level, PA. It is set for the longest-daylight Saturday of the year so runners can attempt to finish it between sunrise and sunset.

It was a cool day with some morning showers and drier conditions later in the day. The great summer running conditions produced two new fastest times: Jackie Palmer for the new fastest woman's time, and Jason Lantz for the new fastest unsupported ("Dixon") traverse of the course. There was an amazing total of seven finishers out of eleven starters. An unprecedented six runners who started at sunrise managed to finish by sunset, making The Challenge. 

This year's course was longer than previous years' with the addition of some beautiful new miles (1.5 of them) along the banks of Otter Creek, but about 1/2 mile less in Conowingo.

2014 Finishers

1. Jason Lantz 11:11:00 (Dixon) 
2. Jackie Palmer 12:01:00 (Mason) 
3. James Rayburn 12:35:00 (Dixon) 
4. Kathleen Cusick 12:57:00 (Dixon) 
5. Henry Peck 13:35:00 (Mason) 
6. Ryan Vandenberghe 14:35:00 (Mason) 
7. Gary Bowman 17:18:00 (Mason) 

Brigitte Sheehan 50 miles @ Otter Creek 
Roxanne Strine 50 miles @ Otter Creek 
Jack Wharton 38 miles @ Lock 12 
Steve Bunville 29 miles @ Muddy Creek Bridge