2013 Triple Crown Trail Races

The Big Dawg of the Trail Dawg event calendar is coming soon: 

The Trail Triple Crown Races!

Saturday, April 27, 2013 at Delaware's White Clay Creek State Park.

The best thing to happen to running since the invention of those Vibram Five Fingers Footie Thingamabobs.

Join in our 16th annual home-grown, half-baked, deep-fried and sanctified one-day trail race series for runners and walkers of all ages and abilities.

All event proceeds are donated to four local homeless shelters.  

What other event gives you so many options? Run one race, or two! Run the Delaware Trail Marathon, or run our patented Triple Crown endorphin-fest--the Half-Marathon, 10K and 5K in sequence--all in one morning!

Please visit RD John Mackenzie's Triple Crown page for race information and registration link: http://www.udel.edu/johnmack/traildawgs/tc/