2012 PUTZ

Mark your calendars for the 2012 edition of the TrailDawgs' Phenomenal Undulating Trail Zoom, otherwise known as the PUTZ Run, for Saturday August 25, 2012 at 8 am.

This "all-the-hills-you-can-eat" 10-ish mile event will have you running up and down our favorite Fair Hills along the sides of the Big Elk Creek Valley at Maryland's fabulous 5,656-acre Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area. A little bit of tall grass and a few brambles give the route some character, but much of it is runnable single- and double-track trail.

Standard Fat-Ass format: No Fee, No Frills, No Wimps, No Whining. Two water stops, probably just a couple buckets of creek water and half-eaten bag of stale pretzels left over from January's PHUNT run.

Start will be at the North Appleton Road parking area.

Pay your own parking at the self-serve box: $3 Maryland residents and $5 out-of-staters. Donations gladly accepted that will passed through to the park to support their superb trail system.

There will be a Search-and-Rescue exercise in the park the same day, so feel free to get lost. Special guest appearance by Al.